Sunday, December 31, 2006

So call Friends...

Talking with a stranger, trying to be nice and sweet, trying to know each other a bit more.
The more I interact the more I came to know about the person. Before he/she was the one of the crowd but after knowing a bit, we are on the process of being ‘Friends’. I cannot call the other person as my Friend, as I have just known him/her for sometime and if tomorrow he/she doesn’t call or doesn’t have time for me or something happen to them. It won’t affect my life because emotionally I am not attached with the other person. Yes I will feel bad for sometime but life will go on as before.
So in this way the word 'Friend' come to its real meaning when we are truly attached with the person in there happiness as well his/her sadness.

Now mostly people use this word ‘Friend’ everywhere according to their convenience.
But those who know the meaning of Real Friendship will never make friend easily and once they count you as friend they will never let you down. They can do anything for a friend.

I am not saying that this in the only way. As sometime it take a lifetime to know a person and sometime even a moment spent with the person is more then enough to know the person. (Please don’t get me wrong, I am only talking about friendship not Love ...don’t mix up)

This is the kind of beginning for any kind of Friendship. And as usual all kind of early relationship is quite exciting and interesting. But with time I come to know about the person more and more that’s were I know how strong my relation with this person is.

I talk with so many people but that doesn’t mean that all are my friends.
I don’t have any rules and regulations stating how my Friends should be. Maybe it’s just the likes, dislike, nature, hobbies, etc. match so much that we have so much in common that we just can’t stop talking about all these.

Or maybe I just follow my heart as heart never lies…

; ))

Sunday, November 26, 2006

To all my Friends who are not so much in touch with me.. : )

I am really sorry that I haven’t been in touch lately.

I really hope that you know how much I miss the entire time i spent with you

How many times I have written letters in my thoughts but I am really sorry to say that sometime I get caught up in my daily schedule and I feel like I don’t have anytime to write or any interesting news to share or shall I say not any happening stuff to share as before.

I wont promise that I will do better. You know me better. But I do want to take time today to remind you how much you are LOVED and MISS by Me.

And lastly I hope that somehow each day through the year even when you don’t hear much from me, you just take it on faith, that I am wishing you well, for I am….. And I always will be

I Miss you all.

; )

Sunday, October 22, 2006

And......I'm tagged again.

I am thinking about ...... exam(its from 14th nov)

I said ...... (to myself) dont think so much.

I want to..... go for long drive with the one who i miss all the time, right now(its 11:30pm now)

I wish ...... money is not so important in life.

I hear ..... Bin tere from the movie 'woh lamhe'

I wonder .....whether this person knows me completely or not, its really confusing at times as i am not able to decide till now.

I regret .....not being near my dad when he was not well.

I am .....a dreamer.

I dance ..... to 'hips dont lie'.

I sing .....when I am with my group Neelam, Sneha, Ankita and Kaneeneka.

I cry ..... almost all the time.

I am not always .....thinking only about shopping.

I make with my hands .....rangoli last night for Diwali.

I write .....journal (have to sumit as soon as college start).

I confuse .....imagination with reality ; )

I need very own huge room where nobody is allow to enter(sometimes i just love to stay alone).

; )

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why does we always love the one who hurt us the most?

Everyone talks about love… love in different way different context with different people. I seriously do not know whether true love exist or not but, I had seen many time (I said I had seen not feel) that at the end one always end up broken hearted, whether it’s the guy or the girl. I guess if true love exists then this should not happen. However, it happens everywhere with everyone. With my cousin, my friend, my junior, my classmates, my so called sister blah blah blah.

Is love so strong that we lost control over ourselves? Alternatively, is it that we love the other person more than we love ourselves that we do not mind getting hurt repeatedly? We know will be disappointed but still we go on with it until he/she leaves us all alone.
Not only this we sacrifices many times, still the other person doesn't love us the way we love him/her. I do not understand why we have to go through all these. We have not done anything wrong to anybody but still we suffer. We suffer for the one we love the most. What have we done to deserve all these? Is it a big mistake to love someone so much… Moreover, love just happens you cannot do anything about it.
It hurts when you see him/her with someone else.. At that point, are we being selfish? Because we are not getting that attention, we want… or it is one-sided love?

At that point, you will make up your mind that you will not let he/she hurt you again but just a glance, a smile, or a word from the person will make all difference.
In addition, we always end up loving the person who hurt us the most.

: )

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

6th May ;

My Specail Day...

The day when i wait and wait that everyone will call me.
But this time nothing much happen. But that does not meant that i dont had a good time. I love my birthday the way it happen.
Sometime you expect something and all of sudden something other happen which is not at all bad. I thought my day will be like this and like that but.. it was all diffrent.

Two of my Best Friends shifted my Birthday from 6th May to 1oth May.

And another one call up as soon as my Birthday end.

And my younger bother new rule... From now the person who is celebrating the birthday should send the gift. But this rule does not apply on his birthday.

My Dad, My Mom and my sis msg from the same cell phone to wish me by saying.."love mom" "love dad" "love sis".

One of my fren call up a day before as she thought that its on 5th. and forgot to call me on 6th.

I was waiting for my Brother to come before i cut the cake.. i wait and wait and wait. It was getting late and my fren has to go for work. As soon as i finish she rang the door bell.

I dont remeber what all happen more than this...

; )

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Uwanted Thought

I guess this is quite common to all of us. I meant “Unwanted Thought”.
Each one of use go through this each and everyday. No matter how busy we are, we still have time for it (unwanted thought) whether we like it or not.
I feel it is quite normal. You think for sometime then you have something more important to think about, so you come out of this Unwanted Thought easily.

But why am I writing about this???
Because I am so involved with this unwanted thought more than ever. Everyday I go through the same thing repeatedly. I try my best to come out of it but no use.
I know everyone goes through ups and down in life. I too go through the same thing and I do not have any problem with it but the question is ‘Does each one of you do the same thing which I do?’ That is ’Think more than you can bear’ that is where all the unwanted thought come in. I think so much that even my Blood Pressure goes low.
I know whatever I am thinking is useless but still, I cannot help it.

Why it is always easy to advice other that whatever they are doing is wrong and they should do in this way and that way. Blah Blah Blah
Why can’t we do the same thing with ourselves?
Why can’t we help ourselves as we try to help others?

I think I got my answer…
I know what to do now…

At last, I just have one thing to say…
Whenever, you have any question and if you can’t find the answer from anyone, Just ask yourself you will get all the answers, as there is no one in this world who knows you better than yourself.

; )

Friday, April 21, 2006

Day of Ice Age

Last night I went for the preview of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown with Dada and Da Benao.
The movie was cool; I think you all should go and watch it. Its Worth!!
I like everything about the movie as there is not a single moment when I felt bore. I love the look of it the most, as it is so soothing to my eyes. However, why is it that the first movie is always better then the second one? I like Ice Age 2: The Meltdown but prefer the first one more.

Nevertheless, thanks to the movie, I laughed so much after some unwanted and not so happy days.

But what’s more interesting is not the movie.. Before the movie, we went bowling and they have some kind of contest. If you score more then 100 points, you get a gift. I try my best but end up getting only 82 points.
Its ok as Dada score 118 and won a gift. It was cool ; )

In addition, as last night it was the Preview of the movie they have some lucky draw where the first five get “Ice Age” T-Shirt. We won two T-Shirt but we got only one
T-Shirt, as they want to give a chance to others.
It is a cool T-Shirt. I love it : )
I always use to think that I am not that lucky enough to win all this kind of things but I think I need to change my mind.

At the end I just want to say that..
Life is all about having patience to bear all the unpleasant days in the hope that my good days will surely come to me.

; )

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Think About It...

"If everything seems under control, you are just not going fast enough."
-John Kenneth Galbraith

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure."
-Jack Lemmon

"Be faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
-Mother Teresa

; )

Friday, April 14, 2006

"Happy Cheiroaba"

Wish you all a very "Happy Cheiroaba" (Manipuri New Year).

I am trying my best not to do any thing stupid today as we believe that whatever we do, it will happen throughout the year.

I know its stupid but still I believe …
Wish you all a wonderful Year ahead.

; )

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Having been Tag by Dear Mini Minx
Do I have an option?
So, here 22 things about myself she say 20 but I thought I will add 2 more to match with my going to be age 22yrs.

1. I will be 22 in a month, to my surprise I am not at all looking forward to it. Does this mean that I am getting old? Alternatively, maybe I am feeling too lonely these days.

2. I am extremely snobbish when it come to cleanliness, right thing at right place and my wardrobe, and tend to look down upon those who call themselves “easy going” by not following the mantra of cleanliness.

3. Although it seems that, I am always cold, calm and happy. I crib, groan and moan to all who will listen about being able to play agony aunt. (Am an quite moody at times)

4. My ideal man would be very intelligent, have an awesome sense of humor, heart as soft as melted chocolate, which stands by what he believes in, and yet is not beneath admitting he is wrong. Most importantly, he should respect me for the person I am and should trust me too. Guess I have already found him but… (After all you cant get everything in one pack) ; )

5. I like making friends, and do so easily but I need time to know a person inside out. I can be a friend to anyone from my 2 years old niece to my 65years old grandmother. Once I count a person as real friend, I will be there for the person in all the possible way I can without asking anything in return.

6. Despite having lived in Manipur for 18years, I never find anything to appreciate or to be happy about being a Manipuri. However, my thinking changes, when I was in Bangalore. If I have to do something like dance, presentation or writing an article for college I always wanted to do something related with Manipur. Like Manipuri dance, presentation about AFSPA (Arm Force Special Power Act) in Manipur or writing about Manipuri Ras Leela.

7. I like to work all the time, I cannot sit idle but I hate to work under pressure. I need my own sweet time to do anything. Otherwise, I go crazy and become very moody.

8. I love love love shopping and can shop until I drop. In addition, I have to try all the dresses as soon as I reach home no matter how tired or hungry I am. My ideal way to die would be to get hit by an avalanche of my shopping bag in the world’s biggest mall ; )

9. I talk to myself all the time whenever I am not in public view. I really love doing this.

10. To gain my trust is not a big deal but once if it is broken there is no way in which the person can gain back my trust.

11. I cannot abide with hypocrites and people who cannot respect others, especially women, and those who saw bad attitude upon people who are economically backward compared to them.

12. I would love to be a youngest kid in the family but I guess my parents want me to be the eldest. Even if am eldest they should pamper me too!! : (

13. Feed me Chinese food, anything with Chicken, Chocolate and Ice cream and I will love you for life.

14. I get carried away with my own thing and tend to forget that there is much more to life than what I am seeing of it. Need to remind myself at times to come out of my dream world. Nevertheless, when it come to decision making I am quite practical.

15. I dislike lair but when it comes to make someone happy and if, that lie does not cause pain to anybody than I am an obsessive-compulsive liar.

16. I believe that, the only way to happiness is simplicity and having a pure heart. Being nice to others no matter who they are “enemies” or “friends”.

17. I am very stubborn and get fiercely possessive when it comes to my near and dear one. Only few people know about it.

18. I expect things to go in a certain way planned out in my head, logical or illogical but never get frustrated if it did not; as I believe that, some things are not in my hand. Instead, I try to find a way.

19. I dislike pet, as I am allergy to dog. In addition, a dog once bit me when I was a kid.

20. I love people whole-heartedly, or not at all. There is no in between. Moreover, if I love a person I overlook all their negative qualities and see only the positive side. (I know its wrong but I cant help it)

21. I love -: Movies, Kids specially my darling niece, Cricket whenever India is playing, Flowers, Chatting, Old Hindi films songs, My mobile phone, Bowling, Books specially “Harry Potter” and “Chicken Soup”, My phone again, My wardrobe, Bowling again, Shopping, More Shopping, JNC (college where I completed my Graduation, never thought that I will miss JNC so much) the list is endless.

22. I can always forgive but can never forget. And I truly believe ‘You will always get what you deserve”. Lastly, I love this quote “Life is difficult, it was never meant to be easy”.

; )

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Journey...

Reached station at 7 in the morning, our train was supposed to leave at 7:55am on the 17th of Feb. We have one whole hour, so we talk, look here and there, and make stupid comments about the people who were busy doing their on stuff. After 10min, we heard that the train has been delayed by 5hrs, five whole hours in the station, where you do not even have a place to sit. Now we have to find a way to keep our bags, as there is no way in which we could go home with all our bags. After asking the Station Master, we found a place but Deema and Bung agree to stay there. So Jeena and me went home in local train, the crowd in the train was an experience. Reached home at 9am, was feeling damn sleepy so slept off for some time, left home at 11:30am, reach Dadar station at 12:30 both of them were looking for us.

It was 1:30pm and the train was not even there. “What the hell?” we wait and wait...

Finally, by 4pm the train arrives. I cannot believe the train was delayed by 8hours, that too from the starting station.

Once the train started moving, we all had our lunch and sleep off. Got up at night and had little bit of rice. Talk for sometime then off to sleep again. I was missing my niece.
End of first day.

They got up quite early but I was still sleeping (the way the train move always make me sleepy) finally I have to get up as I was not able to bear the noise this ‘chawala’ make.
When I went to the toilet there was no water, I was not surprised as it happen all the time. I used our drinking water to wash my face. There were so many people trying to sell different things. But there was one woman, she really impressed me. She was selling grapes we bought 1kg from her. She kept her bag under our seat and asked us to keep an eye on it, and then she went to other compartment to sell her grapes. It was time for lunch so we had fried rice.

Later she came back to get her bag. What impresses me about her is the way in which she arranges the grapes from the bag to her basket. She had few bunch of grapes in her basket and emptied the basket by keeping the grapes on a newspaper. After that, she took out one bunch after another from the bag in such a way that it should not get spoil. She done in such a systematic way that everyone around was just staring at her and was waiting to see whether she will manage the whole lot in that basket.
It was quite impossible. We were saying that it will not fit but she managed it so well.
First, she put good ones then she covered it with a layer of newspaper after that she kept the entire bunch, which were there in her basket before, again she covered it with another layer of newspaper. Lastly, she kept all the single grapes in one side. She had done it beautifully that everyone smiled when she left.
We had dinner then slept off; I was missing my niece so much.
End of day second day.

Got up quite late, had breakfast together. After that, I slept off again. Had to get up, as it was time for lunch. We were singing Manipuri songs; everyone was just staring and laughing not because of the song but the way Deema was singing. After that, we were playing cards. We decided not to have dinner, as we were not at all hungry. We were planning not to sleep too. Most of them got down in NJP so most of the berths were empty. We were quite happy but our happiness did not last, as it was destroyed by three men who were completely drunk. They were acting very strange to Jeena and me and were staring at us as if they were about to eat us. We were so scared and irritated that we went to next berth were they cannot see us. We did not sleep until 2.00am but slept off after that. Had to get up at 3:30am as we were supposed to reach Guwahati at 4.

We reached exactly at 4am.
End of train journey.

We had one whole day in Guwahati as our bus is supposed to leave at 3:30 pm.
We were tired like hell so spend the entire day just sleeping.

The bus journey is another story so…

; )

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Here are some of my photos.
Will add more pretty soon.
Hope you will like it.

Here's a link to My profile:

You can see all of My contacts here:

And photos here:

So, check 'em out!

; )

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Will be back.. to normal

Went home for a month for my cousin's marriage.
It was damn cool.
Now he is happily Married keeping himself away from everyone.
Dont even have time to call me unlike before.

; )

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy/ Not Happy

At times, it has become so hard to decide whether I am happy or not.

I am happy to do things which make people around me happy.

I always try my best to give whatever I can just to make them happy.

At times, it has become so hard for me to decide whether I should go on or not, as many times I end up doing things which I don’t want, just to make people happy.

I can be happy if i think that I am doing things which make them happy.

But I even have a reason not to be happy.

I just wonder whether these things happen with all the people or only with me!!

All of us has a tendency to think that ‘why me’ all the time.

But I won’t say that as I believe that…

“You always get what you deserve”

So whatever I do must, what I deserved.…

: -/

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wish You All

HAppy Valentine's Day : )

I think i am quite late but still..

; )

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mumbai Pune Express

The drive to Pune, and back to Mumbai was awesome.
Yesterday went to Pune for a meeting.
The speed we went reached up to 160km/h!!
It doesn’t mean that we were driving at that speed all the time.
I had been stuck up at all the possible traffic in Mumbai.
And I used to wonder will I ever get out of this traffic,
Yes, I got my answer yesterday in Mumbai-Pune Express.
It's simply amazing!!!
Ya, I know the highways are always good for long drive but I never expect that it would be so 'Cool'.

While coming back we met with an accident nothing much happened, it's just that our front tire got puncture. Changing the tire was the scariest part as we were not supposed to stop on a highway. Most of the vehicles were moving very fast.
Thank God we reach home safely at 12:30 at night.

Good things always happen with a bit of negative thing in it.

; )

Monday, February 06, 2006

Potter Mania

She was my junior when I was in college; she is crazy about Harry Potter. She loves each and everything about Harry Potter. She calls herself my younger sister and use to hate me whenever I introduce her as my junior. “Why can’t you just say that I am you sister?”
She is very different from the other girls I ever met. I was with her for almost a year. Initially she was not so close with me but later on, we became very close.
The best part of being with her was that, it just reminded me of my school days.
I was just like her…..

Full of dreams,
Excited about everything,
Want to go with the flow,
Eager to do something new all the time,
Ready to make mistake,
Not scared of anything,
Always fighting with mom,
Crazy about movie stars,
To live in different world,
Music and more Music (there is a difference - she like rock music, I prefer films songs)
Want to be perfect in life,
Dreams and more Dreams about things, which are not in hand
Blah Blah Blah…

When I met her for the first time I realize that time and age has change me. Moreover, I feel that it happen for the best. I am not saying that I have change completely. Now, I can differentiate between my dream world and the real world.
When I like someone, I like it to the core and I use to think that the feeling will never fade no matter what. Now she also feels the same. I try explaining that with time, place and age your likes will change. “No, I will never change my feelings about Harry Potter.”
I just told her; Meet me after you complete your degree.
She is in her first year degree. She is a very sweet girl with a pure heart. If she like someone she can do anything for that person but if she hate someone then.. You better be careful.

Just got a call from her recently, she is still the same :)
“Che I miss you”. This is what she always tell me whenever I call up.

With Time, With Place, With situation, With People, With Age
Everyone Changes…

; )

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Confused Character

Oh! You want to go for the marriage
Ok Go…

(Next moment)
What is the use of going? Don’t go.,,

(Next day)
Ask about the flight timing and fare.
When are you coming back?

(Next Moment)
What is the use of going? Don’t go..

(Next day, we try buttering him by putting his favorite song).
Find out the timing in Jet airways so that we can meet in the airport.

(Next Moment)
What is the use of going? Don’t go..

At the end, we have to listen to “Tarap Tarap”

; )

Monday, January 30, 2006

Romantic Wordsworth

" Sweet is the lore that nature brings
Our meddling intellect.
Misshapes the beauteous forms of things
We murder to dissect
Enough of science and of art
Close up these barren leaves.
Come forth and bring with you a heart
that watches and receives".

How I wish this to happen at some point of time in everyone's life.

; )

Watch it and you will Love it..

Went for the movie “Rang De Basanti” last night and I just cannot help but to fall in love with it. I never liked Amir Khan but after watching the film I have to say that, now I do like him.
The cast is quite interesting with many new comers. And, most of them did a good job, I am quite impressed with their acting but I feel that Alice Patten who play a Brit filmmaker’s was too cute.
Moreover, Madhavan special appearance was like adding more spice to the film.
Its all about college life and how everyone enjoy when they are in the college but once, they set out in this 'Big Bad World' everything change.
We had been watching college love story in almost all the movies, it all seems that our life start and end only with stupid college romance. However, this movie shows the reality of life. It shows how a bunch of college students can change the entire system.
The best part of the movie was the sense of “Patriotism” which each one of us has but we always wait for the other person to start, 'if they start then only I will join'. Why can't each one of us take initiative to do something good for the nation without waiting for others?
This movie shows that if we want to change something it has to start form I, me. We just can't wait for a miracle to happen. We do not have any right to point finger to others if we are not doing anything.

Rakeysh Mehra did a great job unlike his first movie. There was not a single second in the entire movie where I felt bore.
The music is “ROCKING”. Just can’t stop singing, “rang de basanti mure rang de basanti”. The timing of all the songs are perfect, even the background score with the guitars is fantastic.
A R Rahnam rocks.
Overall, it is a Great Movie.
Watch it and you will love it.

Went for the last show and I cannot believe it was packed. I had been staying in Mumbai for the past 8 months and the only entertainment for me is watching movie and shopping. Therefore, I watch almost all the movies but I had never seen such a crowd like last night. We were sitting in the third row from the screen but I enjoyed like anything. We reach home at 2:30 in the morning.

In addition, one more thing happens last night, that is bowling… I love bowling and last night my bro, my sis and me where playing after so long. I broke my nails while playing but I do not mind. : )

; )

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Normal day to Nice day ; )

It feels so good when things happen without any plan.
Because it is irritating when things don’t work out according to the plan. It happens to with me almost all the time. Nevertheless, good things do happen without any plan.

It began as a normal day, got up quite early as I have to meet one of my friend who came to Mumbai for just 2 days. Was suppose to meet him at 11:30am but I was late, you know the traffic in Mumbai (or am I blaming the traffic whatever)
Travel in the local train it was fun. Then we went for a movie. Roam around for quite sometime, it was nice. Then had lunch. I was talking like anything; after so many days, hope he was not bored with my stupid talks. ; )

Therefore, my normal day turn into a nice day and this happen just like that.
I was bore with my routine life so yesterday was like "Great". All the credits go to Minx and Abhi.

I always believe that “You always get what you deserve”.
However, till now I am not able to figure out, what did I to deserved such a lovely friends. I guess I am quite lucky.
Yes and one more thing “Expect the unexpected”
Maybe this is the answer to my question.

When you are happy everything seems wonderful, this is the way of life. But, I guess it is an ability to see the positive side even when you are low. How I wish I could do this. Sometimes I can but not all the time. Life would be easier if everyone could do this.
Hope some day it will happen.

: )

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Little Angel...

It is a story about a little girl. She is just two years old.
She loves to play all the time like any other kid. Always up to some mischief. She is the soul of the family.
She looks like a doll. Fair as white chocolate with hair so silky that most of the hairclips refuse to stay. Voice so sweet that always stays with one of her rhyme either "Twinkle Twinkle" or "Baa Baa" or "Chubby Chicks". And sometimes even “aap ke kashish”
The entire family dance in her tune, first it is her bachou(uncle) who loves to buy anything and everything just to see her sweet smile. Then her mom, dad, nene(aunty) and kaka(uncle) everyone will do anything for her. She is another name for the word “Happiness” in their life.

This little girl is very naughty at times, will not listen to anybody until she get what she want.
If she likes something, she has to watch it repeatedly. Initially it was “kajre re”, “Monsters Inc”, “Robots” etc
Currently it’s “Annie”.

In this family, everyone is busy with his or her own work; little girl is the one who is always there for everyone. This is the story of this girl and there is no end to it as she has just started her journey and there is a long way for her to go.

Life with her is always a pleasure for everyone. Maybe that is why old people say that the best thing to do when you are depressed is to play with them. You will forget all your tension and will get lost in their world.
They are your best of friend at times; sometime you even forgot how to smile. At that time, they are your teacher. You cannot say no to them no matter what you are going through. At times, you feel that you do not love anybody but you can never feel that you do not love her. Here again she is the source of love for you. There are so many other things, which you do not realize, but its there in one or the other form.

Today I am writing this just to let everyone know that we always look at big big thing to make us happy but even a little girl can bring so much happiness to so many people.
Small things are the one who brings us the real happiness in life.

For me she is my life, no matter what i just cant see are crying.
With her i am the happiest person in this world.

; )

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One Morning...

Days like today come occasionally to make me realize that he is there as always. It is me, who sometime feel that he does not love me.

It was just a normal morning; I wake up when the dhood wala rang the bell. It was quite early so I slept again. I thought it was a dream but I realize it was not a dream.
Just a small act can change the entire mood.

A person does not need to prove his love everyday.
He is a very caring and a very loving human being but rarely shows his feelings.
He always act like “Hitler”, sometime he even call himself “HITLER who follows gandhism”

For me or should I say for all of us, he is like the God Father.
If I compare with one of the character from “Harry Potter”, I will call him Albus Dumbledore.
I guess I don't need to write more, the name says it all.

; )

Monday, January 16, 2006

A ring that made my day ; )

For a change, I am Very happy today.
My cousin is getting married on 22 Feb, my favorite cousin. I am so happy for him.

There is one person in the world, which can make me smile no matter what I am going through. Moreover, I am glad that he is always there for me in my vicissitudes. He makes me feel as if there is no tension at all I was just wasting my time thinking about it. Whenever he calls up, he always has an answer to all my questions. I thought I was lost. Lost in nowhere but now my vision is quite clear. Thanks to him.
In addition, the best part about him is that he will make me think that I am the one who come up with the solution, not him.
This is not the first time, he was always there for me and I know that even in future he will be there as always.

At time you really need someone who will listen to you not matter what rubbish you are talking and for me it is always him. Moreover, I am happy that it is he because he has enough patience unlike other who gets bugged with my stupid talks.

He calls up today to share the good news with me.
He told me the biggest truth about life, which make be feel so much better.

“There are always two sets of people in this world. One who always love you for whatever you do and the other who always hates you for whatever you do”

This is the answer to all my problems. (I guess)
Life seems so much better now.
Thanks Dear Da….( This is what I call him)
Hope to see you soon.

; )

Friday, January 13, 2006

Stupid ME......

I am in the mess. It’s all because of my own stupidity. Why I cant I live a happy and easy life like others? Why do I screw up my own life again and again? Am I so dump? Am I the most unwanted person around? Why do I let everyone bother me so much? Why cant i ever do a thing right?
Why do I have to face the unwanted situation again and again?
Am I so bad? Is there any good quality in me? If yes please someone let me know about it, I think I really need to know about it at this point of time otherwise I wont have enough strength to carry on in life.
I just don’t want to survive each day.
But I always end up doing something stupid and I always let him down because of my stupid act.

Will I ever do something, which will make him smile?

: (

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Friends... we are not so complete without them

I think I am quite lucky in this department.
As I have quite a lot of them, some very close, some close and some not so close still they are my “Friend”

Now I want to share some of my best days with them.
I will call them by their initials.

“P L”
I met her when I was in Bangalore for my BA degree.
She is one of my closest friends or should I say more than a friend?
She was my senior in college.
When someone mentions the word Friend, I can only think about her.
I never thought that I would meet someone like her.
Being with her was the best thing, which happened to me.
I can describe her with a very good saying:
“Simple living High thinking”
A very good quality about her is that she is a very good teacher.
I owe a lot to her especially in studies. I don’t have to take a note in the class as I already have her note. I had spent some of my best days with her.
I miss her too much.
I even wrote a poem for her.

A Part of My Life

I stand alone in the path of life
Where everything seems unknown
My hopes are withering away
Not enough strength to go on

Then, I come across a smile
Who showed me the true meaning of life
Who taught me to be more humane
Who touches my soul, not only my heart

As I move on,
Life seems to be beautiful
Hope is always behind me
Everything seem exciting

Life is never the same
Call her my Friend
Call her my sister
Call her my companion
But to me…
She is an inseparable part of my life.

“V P”

Even she was my senior but she was in different a college.
She was an engineering student who only talked about arts and philosophy.
Once we start with philosophy we don’t know where to stop.
There is one famous incident, which I can’t stop myself from sharing with you all.
The day when she shifted to my hostel I was talking with “P” about horror movies, as she enter the room I screamed like anything… thought she was a ghost (she still hates me for that)
But after that, things were great, at the end of 2years she became one of my close friends with whom I share almost everything till now.
Hope to meet her soon.

Now my classmates

"M V”

She is one of the sweetest gal I ever came across in life, always ready to do anything for me. Not only for me but always ready to do anything for any of her friends.
We were in the same class for 3years but we came quite close during our documentary movie as we were in same group, I had the best days of my college life during that time. How much we bunk classes in the name of documentary and lunch was always great as we eat out all the time trying to explore the entire food joint nearby our college. She loves books and books and more books. She started reading horoscope because of me and i started having soup because of her. Now i cant live without soup : )

The best part about her is that she always wants to see me smiling no matter what. If I don’t she threaten to kill me.

This is what she think about me..

"Shakuntala: Name at birth - Nongmaithem Jyoti Devi . Known as Shakuntala for her graceful performance in the play of the same name. The typical north eastern beauty with skin like milk that stays that way no matter what she does or eats. Sigh. Loads of fun to be with, talks nineteen to a dozen, with firm and unchangeable views on almost every topic in the world, always laughing, rarely loses her temper, way too rational. A friend nobody would regret having. Created major havoc during our documentary because half the racers fell in love with her. Idiots. Awesome lunch pal. Also a totally awesome roommate to have because she loves washing clothes and dishes and giving people massages, and is generally quite the efficient housekeeper. OBSESSED with chicken, will absolutely not set foot in set foot in any food joint that does not serve it. A big time movie buff, with a major soft spot for sob stories. The horoscope queen, who won't move a foot unless Bejan Daruwalla or Linda Goodman ordains it. One of those people who are always perfectly turned out with matching clothes, perfect jewellery, and permanently done eyebrows and painted nails and the like."

“P S”

I don’t have much to write about her but I just want to thank her for helping me in being the person I am today. She was like " The Perfect Gal".
I was really scared of her in the beginning and I never thought that we would become such a good friends someday. She seems tough, like a guy but deep down she is a sweetheart. And one thing is sure about her, whatever she does she will give her best.

I think I want to write only about this two girls, don’t ask me why?
But I love you all..

; )

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Life

I am just another gal with high dreams
My blog will let you know the insight about me.
For me my blog is like my personal diary : )

As they say “Life is difficult, it was not meant to be easy”
I truly believe in this saying as for me, everyday is a struggle and no matter what I have face it with smiling face.
And I think that you can win the world with a sweet smile.

; )

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good Day

I just created a blog for myself and wanted to wish everbody a Good Day.