Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GoldeN BonD

Born a little later than me
Been with me from the time I know myself
Childhood we shared seem just like yesterday
Everyday after school can’t wait to tell each other events of the day
We shared everything with each other including parents scolding
We even used to eat from same plate
He was the only friend I had that time

And one day he went to boarding school leaving me all alone
Those were days when I know how it feels to miss someone
I always knew he is important to me but when he was not there
I realise how incomplete my life was without him

Each vacation when he came home
I just want to spent time with him
And when he goes back I live with memories of moments we shared

Slowly slowly we grow up
There were days where he was lost in his own world
And days when he just talk and talk wanting to share everything with me
There were more and more people coming in my life as well as his
But the relation we share grew stronger with time

It’s you my dear brother
You are the one who has been with me in my happy days as well as not so happy days
The one who is always been with me when the whole world seemed against me
And you are the one who make me so proud of being a sister to a brother like you
I treasure and cherish our relationship
And Raksha Bhandan is just another way to say that you are very important to me
And I am so very happy that I have you as my little brother who always act like a elder brother to me


Monday, July 20, 2009

I choose to be HappY

There are many a time where I wish had control over myself.

Many a times I wish I would not hurt the other person with my temper.
As a emotional fool I am, I just don’t know how to control my emotions, but later when I come to my real senses, I really wish I should have known how to control them.

I try to learn from my mistake and I always promise myself that next time I will control myself and I won’t react, but that next time turn to another next time, and more and more next times.

People always say that we don’t have control over what happen to us but we do have control over how we react to it. When I heard this for the first time I thought how artificial! Why can’t I just be the way I am and react the way I like?

That time I never realize that a small uncontrolled reaction could change the whole look of the situation. Yes it’s very true that the way we react make all the difference in life.For anything and everything my first reaction is getting hyper, at time it’s just stress me too much. But now it has changed, I am much a calmer person. And now I can see people around me happier then before.

I just told myself one thing, everything is temporary like the situation for which I am reacting to, the things which irritates me, even my anger, my reaction everything.

I know that it is not easy, but it’s not so difficult also. So what the harm in trying. I try in 1-2 situations and I am very happy with my choice. It’s up to me what I choose. To be Happy or to get hurt by hurting my loved ones. The choice is mine.

I choose to react on the positive side as it only helps me grow as a person. I choose the right path to travel because its the only way I can reach my goal.

But most importantly I choose to be happy in life because I know for sure that everything will be ok at the end.


Friday, March 06, 2009

So Call "Women's Day"

Another month, another year, has come again where everyone is talking about Women’s Day. I really don’t understand whats the big deal. It’s just another day, which have been hyped by the cards shop, flowers shop, gifts shop and now the publication too. “We are coming with Women’s days Special Edition”. Why everything has to be in one or the other way related with business or the market?

With all these business approach, the real sense of celebration is gone for a toss. I am not against any celebration of any day; I love it as much as I love my birthday. But my point is that …. The cards, the gifts, flowers etc etc are the only way to make your women feel special? Why do we need a Day to celebrate Women’s Day? Why can’t you make her feel special everyday? And by celebrating one day in a year with gifts is enough for her? Is that the only thing she want in life?

All she wants is Love and Support from her near and dears one.
Once she is born She is special for her parents.
Once she has a bother or sister She is special for her siblings.
Once she becomes a friend, she is special for being always there for her friends in need.
Once she falls in love with someone She is special for loving that someone more then herself.
Once she get married she is Special that She can leave her parents house and welcome her husband house as hers.
Once she become a mother she is Special for fighting with all the odd to give her child the best she can

For all this special qualities of her do you believe that celebrating one day in a year is enough?


Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Wedding

It’s a dream of every girl to marry the one she love. Not only that, even the Wedding itself is so important. Every girl has certain wish about how her wedding should be.
Even I have always dreamt for the same. It’s the biggest occasion in my life. Till the time everything was final I felt that I am not ready for it. But once the Pandits say it will be on 2nd Fed’09. Suddenly I feel that yes! It’s the right time now. As I always believe in doing thing at right time.

On 2nd Fed I have change my status from being in relationship to married. Everything went on so smoothly, actually I was quite nervous. The rituals, the prayers, blessing from the elders has to be done in a certain way and I can’t afford to make single mistake. That’s why I was nervous. But the moment I saw him in the mandap I felt kind of relief. As a part of the wedding ceremony I have to sit next to him and our hand was tied together, that time I feel "That’s It", I knew this would mean something that would last forever and he would mean a lot more as the days go by. I know the bonding was forever.

Life has a new beginning, a new meaning now. It feels so wonderful to have someone who is always there by your side. The only question everyone is asking me at this point is “How is married Life? “ My answer is that, I am Happy. Happier because I belong to those lucky people who got married to the love they Love.It feels so good to hear him say that he love me even when I just woke up in the morning looking like a mess. ;)

Life certainly has change in every way. Trying to help each other in cooking, cleaning the house, shopping etc etc.
It’s all about understandings each other. Little bit of adjustment here and there.
At the same time there is a feeling of calm content and nice.
Life was never so beautiful. I feel complete

P.S: I have so many feelings, emotions and other things to share but I fail to express them in words :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing Something Badly ................

When I see things around me, I feel like I am missing something’s which I always wanted, I feel like I have given up many things to see people around me happy. I feel like I am trying to adjust and survive. But this is not me; I want to live my life I don’t want to survive. I am not saying that I am not happy but somewhere deep down I know I am missing something badly. I never want my life to be this way.

At one hand I am very happy to have someone who is so loving, caring, understanding, supporting, always ready to do anything just to see a smile on my face.I feel I am lucky to have someone like him in my life who respects me for the person I am.Really feel it’s a blessing to have him in my life, he is one person who makes me believe in myself. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

And on the other hand I really don’t know why I am missing something badly.This is making me depress at times. I have to make myself believe that I am happy and things are fine, but deep down there is something which haunt me everyday.
Life seems to become still, just office and home sometime dinner and sometime shopping.

When I look back, I feel that, this in not what I planed or dreamt for…..This is not the way I have thought about my life and there are still so many things I want to do, many things I want to learn and experience.
: ?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Why blame others when I myself have been so callous!

Where was I when justice was not served to those who died in the 1993 bomb blasts
Where was my voice when the train blasts took place in 2005 and our forces were not capable of tracking the perpetuators
Where was I when they tried dividing me on my religion and place of residence

Where was I when the politicians knocked on my door for votes and I avoided going to polls
Where was I when criminals were appointed as MLA’s & MLC’s for elections
Why did I turn a Blind eye when they gave money for votes

Why did I let them bully others at gunpoint to cast votes in their favour
Where is my voice when I know the roads I travel might cripples someone’s back
Where is my voice when the lights go out of my house, coz my taxes are meant for those who default on payments

Why did I not raise my voice against the injustice being perpeteated
Why am I not conscious that the common man’s back is broken awaiting justice from the courts
Where was I when judiciary stands in defence of criminals coz it say a man is not guilty till proven by law

Why do I tolerate to hear that you have to bribe someone to get justice in court
Why do I tolerate the fact that some among the judiciary is corrupt
Where is my voice when the industrialist bribes bureaucrats to get his work done

Where is my voice when he grabs others land to sow his vision of tomorrow
Where is my voice when they pollute the atmosphere and I turn a blind eye
This nation does not need leaders, it needs each of us to be shaken from our stupor

What’s inked in the constitution is forgotten by those who uphold the offices and our so called people’s representatives
We have all taken the freedom fought for by our forefather’s as a granted thing

Maybe all we need is another freedom movement, to cure the evil from within
To the forefront has to come leaders in the form of those educated people who give sermons living in their glass houses but are not willing to sacrifice their comforts as long as it does not scar them.

By- Nidhi Sidharthan

Monday, December 01, 2008

Still feeling scared

What happened in past few days was something which I won’t be able to forget in my life. I have never felt so scared before.I am a person who is born and bought up in Manipur, India, a place where terrorists, naxals and rebels create lots of problems. But seeing what just happened in Mumbai, I really feel sad, insecure and helpless.

I always use to think that Mumbai is a safe place and I am very much secure out here.
Here I am just writing of what I felt about the whole thing, which happened. But I just can’t imagine about the people who lost their near and dear ones and also those people who have witnessed the terror. Will they ever be able to come out of it???
It’s really very sad.

I really wish if we can do something instead of blaming others or blaming the politicians (remember, at the end of the day its we who vote for the politicians.) If the politicians are wrong then we are also wrong in choosing the right person.

And what does the page 3 crowd meant by saying that they are not safe even inside a 5 Star hotel, does that meant that safety should be only for 5 Star hotels.Why are we not talking about the crowd who lost their lives in CST station?

Even if the Government had got warnings from Intelligence, is it necessary that we should be protected only when somebody warns us? Why can’t we be protected all the time, so that the other person shouldn’t even think of attacking us at any point in time?