Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy/ Not Happy

At times, it has become so hard to decide whether I am happy or not.

I am happy to do things which make people around me happy.

I always try my best to give whatever I can just to make them happy.

At times, it has become so hard for me to decide whether I should go on or not, as many times I end up doing things which I don’t want, just to make people happy.

I can be happy if i think that I am doing things which make them happy.

But I even have a reason not to be happy.

I just wonder whether these things happen with all the people or only with me!!

All of us has a tendency to think that ‘why me’ all the time.

But I won’t say that as I believe that…

“You always get what you deserve”

So whatever I do must, what I deserved.…

: -/

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wish You All

HAppy Valentine's Day : )

I think i am quite late but still..

; )

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mumbai Pune Express

The drive to Pune, and back to Mumbai was awesome.
Yesterday went to Pune for a meeting.
The speed we went reached up to 160km/h!!
It doesn’t mean that we were driving at that speed all the time.
I had been stuck up at all the possible traffic in Mumbai.
And I used to wonder will I ever get out of this traffic,
Yes, I got my answer yesterday in Mumbai-Pune Express.
It's simply amazing!!!
Ya, I know the highways are always good for long drive but I never expect that it would be so 'Cool'.

While coming back we met with an accident nothing much happened, it's just that our front tire got puncture. Changing the tire was the scariest part as we were not supposed to stop on a highway. Most of the vehicles were moving very fast.
Thank God we reach home safely at 12:30 at night.

Good things always happen with a bit of negative thing in it.

; )

Monday, February 06, 2006

Potter Mania

She was my junior when I was in college; she is crazy about Harry Potter. She loves each and everything about Harry Potter. She calls herself my younger sister and use to hate me whenever I introduce her as my junior. “Why can’t you just say that I am you sister?”
She is very different from the other girls I ever met. I was with her for almost a year. Initially she was not so close with me but later on, we became very close.
The best part of being with her was that, it just reminded me of my school days.
I was just like her…..

Full of dreams,
Excited about everything,
Want to go with the flow,
Eager to do something new all the time,
Ready to make mistake,
Not scared of anything,
Always fighting with mom,
Crazy about movie stars,
To live in different world,
Music and more Music (there is a difference - she like rock music, I prefer films songs)
Want to be perfect in life,
Dreams and more Dreams about things, which are not in hand
Blah Blah Blah…

When I met her for the first time I realize that time and age has change me. Moreover, I feel that it happen for the best. I am not saying that I have change completely. Now, I can differentiate between my dream world and the real world.
When I like someone, I like it to the core and I use to think that the feeling will never fade no matter what. Now she also feels the same. I try explaining that with time, place and age your likes will change. “No, I will never change my feelings about Harry Potter.”
I just told her; Meet me after you complete your degree.
She is in her first year degree. She is a very sweet girl with a pure heart. If she like someone she can do anything for that person but if she hate someone then.. You better be careful.

Just got a call from her recently, she is still the same :)
“Che I miss you”. This is what she always tell me whenever I call up.

With Time, With Place, With situation, With People, With Age
Everyone Changes…

; )

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Confused Character

Oh! You want to go for the marriage
Ok Go…

(Next moment)
What is the use of going? Don’t go.,,

(Next day)
Ask about the flight timing and fare.
When are you coming back?

(Next Moment)
What is the use of going? Don’t go..

(Next day, we try buttering him by putting his favorite song).
Find out the timing in Jet airways so that we can meet in the airport.

(Next Moment)
What is the use of going? Don’t go..

At the end, we have to listen to “Tarap Tarap”

; )