Thursday, February 14, 2008

For My ValentinE

With you I don’t need any special day to celebrate my Love
But I don’t want to miss any occasion to celebrate it
I don’t need any special treatment on this special day
Because being with you is the most special treatment for me

With you, I came to know the real meaning of life
Happy little memories go flitting through my mind
I have even experience the pain in Love being with you
So, the love we share is real and true as life itself

Distances sometimes take away my smile
But just the thought that you are with me
Brings my smile back on my face
In my thoughts and memories

I always seem to find the picture of your face,
The feel of your touch..
You cannot go beyond my thoughts or leave my love behind
Because I keep you in my heart and forever on my mind

I may not tell you
But every time I see you I fall in love again and again with you
And though I may not tell you
I think you know it’s true that I find daily happiness

In the very thought of you
You make my life complete and worth
I love being with you
Happy Valentine’s Day my Love