Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2007 FoR mE

Got one of the best gifts of my life which is only mine. Have gone through many ups and down but what matter is that we are still together. This is one reason which makes 2007 special for me. I won’t say is a merry ride but I learned a lot this year.

Valentine’s Day is always special to me but this year it’s memorable just because i got to know the real meaning of Valentine’s Day. It was quite a nice day for me spent time with my college friends, my best friend and my sweetheart.

I am happy that I am able to make my final decision about something which been irritating me for so long. If things are never meant to happen there is no point in trying. I may have hurt the other person but I just can’t do anything.

There are two kinds of relationship in life, one is where you are forced by birth- like your uncle, aunt, cousin etc and the other ones are by choice -like your school friends, college friends etc. I can trust relation by choice but not the one by force. It really hurts when someone close ditch.

Yes my Birthday, I won’t say it was great but it was good. Nothing much happened, went out with my friends. The only thing which made my Birthday special was because of ‘HIM’, he was far from me but was with me from the start of the day till the end.

Got to know more about someone and the relation become stronger day by day (touch hood) ;) what shall I write about him, he is the best. He shows me the real meaning of Love, if I still believe in love, its all because of him. If I am wrong he won’t take it lightly, he will shout and try to change to make me a better human being. Love is not just Hindi movies love story. In any kind of relationship you have to work hard to make it happy and strong, you just can’t take it for granted.

I am very particular about making friends so I have few good friends but this year I got to add some more names in my good friend list. One being Arun Gokul and another Ameet, Ajay, then Pratik, Salomi, Priti, Fisher. Really like to thank them for being there for me in my ups and downs. This year I had to go through many downs in life. So if I am smiling today after going through all these things, it’s because of them. Friends worth keeping till the end.

Trip to Shirdi “Sai Baba”, was one of the most memorable trip which I will treasure whole life. I felt I am really blessed; I was there for aarti for half an hour. I was with the person whom I love the most that too in such a holy place. What more could I ask for…

It’s really good to get back good friends after some stupid misunderstanding, and the best part being that we are still the same. I am really happy that he is back in my life as my best friend ever. I say best friend because nobody knows me better then him. He is one person you understand me completely and maybe the only person who will say sorry even if it’s my faults. Thanks for coming back in my life.

Lastly, trip to Goa. That’s the closing event for me in 2007 and an opening of a new chapter in my life. Got to be with some very important people which will be more important with time. It’s just the start. Long way to go. And one thing which I learned, dreams do come true but you should never expect that, it will turn out the way you dreamt.