Friday, May 23, 2008

'May' for ME

It my Birthday this month, if not for anything else it’s special for me because it’s my birthday ;)
Start the month with shopping and more shopping, honestly I can’t count how much I shop this time. Was not able to meet any of my friends as final exam is from 9th May, all are busy studying on my birthday but was really happy to be with the one I love to be with.
I went to my favorite place also “Ishkon Temple’. I love going there, feel so peaceful.
Actually I had quite a memorable birthday or should I say lovely birthday…
Last year I was so happy with the bouque Minx sent but this year, I got more then I deserve. I love to feel special and birthday always make me feel special. And this time it’s all because of him. No one has ever tried so much to impress me, no one has ever made me feel so special the way he make me feel. And yes I am impressed.

I went out for dinner to a new place “Blue Frog” where there Live band playing. But I love the ambience more, it’s amazing. I had nice time out there. It was a wonderful day for me.

Change doesn’t mean always negative or always positive. But yes, a person can change your life completely. I have experience both the side of it. I am sharing this with my own personal experience. Things end and things start. We are just left with experiences, at times it’s really difficult to understand and go on but still life goes on. And to go with the flow is the only options.