Sunday, April 29, 2007

For someone special.

The days are quite challenging, the nights are too long
Every single day is like a year to me, when you are not near me

Still smiling, still waiting, and missing more then before.

Because i know somewhere somehow you always give me hope to go on.

As, Sometime your silence speaks louder than your words.

But your words, your voice is the only source of strength
The strength which make me believe that you are always with me.
No matter how far you are, but in the matter of heart you are so close.
So close which make be feel that nobody can ever be so close with me.

I long for; the days were you pamper me like a baby.
I long for, the way when you shout at me when I make stupid mistake.
I long for, the time I had with you, only with you.
I just can’t wait to be with you.

Till then, let your words, your voice give me strength
The Strength which I need till I see you again.

; )

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heart Vs Brain

Today one of my friend told me, listen to your Brain. I just told him.” Let my brain do their work in my studies and office work” I don’t want to involve my brain in the matter of Heart. I was wondering ‘Is it really necessary to listen to Brain in every aspect of life?’ Why can’t I just do what my Heart want? Here I am not talking about any particular thing. Almost all my friend says ‘don’t be an emotional fools’. As I used to take things quite seriously and I used to trust people easily but not anymore. They think that if I do things, according to my heart wants, then I am not being practical. I do so because I don’t want to lose the touch of innocence by trying to do the entire thing in an artificial way.

What does Brain actually do? It helps you think, make you see all the good and bad side of the thing and lastly it help you decide what the best for you. In doing so, you are just being on the artificial side of so call ‘The norm of living’ and not doing what your heart want.

I am not trying to say that it doesn’t help. It help in all the ways but the only lost in it, is that you become the victim of the situation. You forgot to enjoy life in real sense.

I don’t want to be like this, like any other person. I know by listening to my Heart I sometime end up crying because I can ask myself to listen to my heart but I can’t expect the same thing from the other person.

Whatever the situation is it’s always good to look at both the side, I meant Heart and Brain.
For me it’s the Heart which rules but yes I will still say ” Let my brain do their work in my studies and office work”

: )

Monday, April 02, 2007

Can you keep a secret???

‘Can you keep a secret?’ Is the name of a book by Sophie Kinsella, actually my current favorite of course after ‘Harry Potter’. It’s a delightful novel. Sophie Kinsella is a former financial journalist and author of the bestselling novels Confession of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic & Sister, and The Undomestic Goddess. I haven’t read any of the above novels but yes after reading this book, I will surely read all of the rest.

It’s a story about Emma Corrigan, a young woman with a beautiful heart, an irrepressible spirit and a few little secrets…like
Secrets from her Boyfriend
She always thought her boyfriend looks like Ken. As in Barbie and Ken
Secrets from her mother
She lost her virginity while her Mum and Dad were downstairs watching Ben-Hur.
Secrets she wouldn’t share with anyone in the world.
But she spills them all to a stranger on the plane, thinking that she will die and he was the last person she ever sees. She thought he was a stranger…. Until Emma comes face to face with that stranger, Jack Harper, the company’s elusive CEO, a man who knows every single humiliating detail about her….

The dialogue is sharp, even the minor characters are well drawn. She witty takes on mundane office and family life will really make you laugh out loud.

So if I ask this question “Can you keep a secret???” Many people many opinions. Some says yes and some said no. Or should I say should we share our entire secret or not??
For me I feel that if it’s going to create unwanted tension it’s better to keep quite.
But on the other hand, like Emma from the novel she remains the same person after all.
I just love the whole idea of love and trust in the novel. That’s very much important in any relation. Whether you have a secret or not.. it doesn’t matter as long as you love and trust the other person. Everyone has their on little secret in life. You shouldn't force the other person to tell their secrets even if you are her/his boyfriend/girlfriend. Trusts the people you love, forget about the secret.

: )