Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For the SAKE of it....

It seem like everyone is in love with this movie “Namesake” by Mira Nair.
Anywhere I go or any friend I meet or any blog I open, everyone is either writing or talking about the movie. Even I have seen the movie. I just loved it.
But I don’t want to write the review for this movie as I think I will not be able to give a justified review and on the other hand I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing a review.
After watching the movie I would love to read the book someday. If the movie is so good then I am just wondering how the book will be like.
Movie has its on plus point but you can never competed with the book. I have read all the Harry Potter series and Harry Potter is my favorite book.
Even I like the entire Harry Potter movies but there is a huge difference between a book and a movie. Till now no movie has come up to its expectation.

This maybe because when we read a book we picture everything in our mind and when that thing doesn’t match with the movie then we feel disappointed.
People who love reading will always go for book as it give them the freedom to imagine and picture the whole story, the way they want.

So, coming back to the movie, I think is really a great movie. Like almost everyone acting. I won’t write more as I already said that I won’t write the review.
But I will definitely say that if you haven’t seen this movie then you should go for it.
It really worth watching, you won’t regret it in any ways.

: )

Sunday, March 25, 2007

In the path of Life……

I have certain thoughts
Certain kind of thinking about everyone I care
I care for them because they are mine
Mine because they will be there for me always
Always? Sorry I am wrong
Wrong very wrong in judging People
People who matter
People who make a difference
All in the path of life..

How do you feel when you are Hurt?
‘Hurt’ by People whom you always believe
‘Believe’ that they will always be there for you

For me I feel lonely
I lost trust
I feel that I don’t really know them
I feel that there was a reason for everything
A hidden reason for their ‘care’

Learning from my mistake
Mistake in making opinion about people
Especially about people who are so so close

Will I stop trusting?
Should I trust them again?
No, how can I trust them when they have hurt me deeply

All I have to say is that
‘Dont hurt somebody so badly that the person cries from her heart’
Or should I say that this is all in the path of life…

: ?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Night Fever…

Today it’s Different
Here I am not talking about some party or disc.
Today is the big day for the Indian Team.
Today as everyone knows this match will decide everything.

India is a country where cricket is not only a Game.
It’s a Religion. People worship cricket.
It’s kind of funny to think about it I meant our national Game is Hockey but it’s always Cricket which create wave for everyone.

Even I love Cricket but only when India is playing.
Today it will be fun only if India wins the game.
It’s a do-or-die situation.
Different people different views, some are skeptical and the others feel the team Rocks.

I am praying for a Miracle.
I just want to wish the Team Good Luck.
We must support our Team and their talent.

: )

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Changing Phases of Life.....

‘Never expect anything from anyone’ is the best thing everyone should learn in life…

Life would have been so much easier if I had known this from before…
For me it has always been that do good thing and expects the same in return but it’s not like that in reality.

And one more thing, people change according to there need and profit. So beware of people who are extra friendly to you or who act as if they love you without any intention (in reality they don’t). I am an emotional fool. I trust people easily without realizing there hidden intention and at the end of the day it’s me who gets hurt.
I don’t blame any one for anything, as I take it as changing phase of life maybe I deserve it. It’s all a part of life.
First it was a phase of showing that they care for me and now is the phase when they are tired of me. It can’t be the same Right!

Life itself is a great teacher. It teaches you everything.
Sometimes the people whom you have known for years will act as if you don’t know them. You have certain kind of opinion for these kinds of people. But when you come to realize that whatever you think about them is wrong. It feels like it’s the end of the world.
With things like these, sometimes I feel so lost and my confidence is shaken. If people whom you have known from years turn out like this then what will you expect from people whom you have known only for some months?
That’s why I mention the very first line in my writing.

People change with their requirements. No matter, whether you know the person for years or months. But people like me who think that they are always the same people are the one who is affected. Ok excepted… maybe life was meant to be this way….
This is what I meant by the changing phases
Whatever I am writing now is also a phase of life maybe in my next writing it will again change….

Changes keep life going…

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