Monday, December 01, 2008

Still feeling scared

What happened in past few days was something which I won’t be able to forget in my life. I have never felt so scared before.I am a person who is born and bought up in Manipur, India, a place where terrorists, naxals and rebels create lots of problems. But seeing what just happened in Mumbai, I really feel sad, insecure and helpless.

I always use to think that Mumbai is a safe place and I am very much secure out here.
Here I am just writing of what I felt about the whole thing, which happened. But I just can’t imagine about the people who lost their near and dear ones and also those people who have witnessed the terror. Will they ever be able to come out of it???
It’s really very sad.

I really wish if we can do something instead of blaming others or blaming the politicians (remember, at the end of the day its we who vote for the politicians.) If the politicians are wrong then we are also wrong in choosing the right person.

And what does the page 3 crowd meant by saying that they are not safe even inside a 5 Star hotel, does that meant that safety should be only for 5 Star hotels.Why are we not talking about the crowd who lost their lives in CST station?

Even if the Government had got warnings from Intelligence, is it necessary that we should be protected only when somebody warns us? Why can’t we be protected all the time, so that the other person shouldn’t even think of attacking us at any point in time?


manu said...

Great blog. I can feel the emotions of you for the city. I've been in Mumbai for very short time. But definitely those where the best days of my life. I feel the same about the way our Politicians are. But cant get rid of them :)

Anonymous said...

See I agree with other points , but also FYI, there is no Naxals, Terrorists in Manipur, Please use them as separatist and as u said rebel....Being born and brought up in Manipur, its very important to use right word for right situation...Thanks and nice blog u have

Anonymous said...

well, your smile zanking out of your very face in your blogger profile did made me feel a lot safer than i feel im !

Jyoti said...

@ Manu: Thats what!!!

@Adminoe: Thanks for your Compliments :)