Thursday, May 24, 2007

A sense of feeling which came with someone special

A kind of feeling no one has ever make me felt
A kind of trust which I always long for
A kind of belonging which make be so complete
A kind of Love… Yes Love.

Love itself is such a big word, people who are lucky in love says.. Love is so Beautiful and people who are not so lucky feel love is such a waste of time. No matter what, for me Love is Sacred. As only, love can bring meaning to your life. You have to fall in love to experience it. Don’t be scared to fall in Love. I am not saying that Love is always Beautiful. If I have to explain Love in a word then its “BITTERSWEET”.

Many people come in my life; people leave me alone with time and place.
Things change, people change, feelings change.

But a kind of feeling which came with someone, it’s so different. At one moment I feel that I can do anything and the next moment I feel lonely. Sometime I feel alone in the crowd and sometime even when I am alone I can feel his presence.

For the very first time in my life, I think twice before doing anything. First I think whether he will like it or not. How will he feel? :)
Feel like asking him for every small thing.
But this doesn’t change me as a person. I am still the same. Its just that the feeling is so different, I become more confident, there is always a feeling which make me believe that he is always there for me, in heart if not physically.

I can’t even think of hurting him in anyways. As for me, Love is all about loving the other person more then myself. Just being with him makes me believe that life is not so bad.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

The End or The New Beginning

“Journeys end. Friends depart.
Every phase of life comes to an end.
But every end is also a new beginning.
It is a new chapter waiting to open.

It’s up to you what you want to think about,
The End or The New Beginning!”

These lines inspire me to write, its quite sometime I haven’t written anything.

It’s so true, every End is a new Beginning. Sometime we are so lost in the ‘End’ of something that we are not able to see the ‘Beginning’. I know it’s not easy to be happy when something nice end in our life, I was really lost when I first came to Mumbai, no friends at all. That too, after living only with friends for 3yrs in hostel. But slowly with time, I know what to do and where to start. But the initial days were so bad. I use to miss my college, which I never thought . Miss my entire hostel as well as college friends. All of them have move on in life; I use to think I am the only one stuck out here. Whenever they call up, they will tell me about their new friends and all. They were happy with the New Beginning and I was sad because of the End. So later on I came to realize which path to go. Now I am happy with the New Beginning, new friends, and new way of life but yes the same old Dreams. How can someone Change their dream.

Life is all about choice. It’s up to you to decide. The choice is between the End and Beginning….. Everything changes with time. Which seem important at this point of time may not be so important later on in life. But we have to go with the flow.. This is what life is all about.

: )

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me 6th May

I am a year older; but I truly agreewe're older but no wiser For in our hearts, the dreams are still the same” Dreams which sometime seem impossible. But still dreaming about it and hope it will come true someday.

Let’s come back to reality; My Birthday was quite nice not because I celebrate it with full swing. It was just like another day, some bit of shopping, went to meet one of good friend as she was not well, then at night went out with my cousin and friends. But the feeling was good, happy I guess the only thing which say ‘happy’ birthday make a person happy.

Happy because I start my day and end my day the way I wanted but still, was missing someone badly. Happy as my mom, dad, bro, sis and all my friends whether old or new make me feel so special. Another year has past, when I look back I am quite happy, the way i had come but its just the starting.. still a long way to go.

“A miles to go before I sleep
A miles to go before I sleep.”

: )

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thank you all.

I got this fantastic idea from, one of the best writer I ever met in my life. As soon as I read his post I was like I have to do the same thing for people who matters.

The whole idea to this post is to thank some people for good things they did to me or to other people. At times you want to thank them but you really don’t know how to do it. So, here is one of the options. These few words may justify their good work but I will try my best.

I really want to thank, appreciate people whom I have met in school, college, work place or maybe in the part of so call ‘Life’.


The idea is to follow a simple baton carrier mechanism to review or interview or recommend a person whom you know personally, or have met online, or have interacted for professional work, or have been a fan of his/her profession, or you just have a crush on him/her.


The reasons can be

  • just for fun
  • to appreciate a person for his work
  • to let others know more about the person and his/her work
  • and much much more
You can see some simple rules!

Here are my Recommendation, Reviews and Appreciation of the following people

Bidya Takhellambam

Where to start about this girl? She is gem of a person. I am so proud to say that she is my best friend, I don’t make friends easily, and best friend…. I have known her for more then 7yrs now. In this period we have learned from each other, grow together as a better person. She is a beautiful person; I don’t mean the physical appearance. I will call every person lucky, who got a chance to know her. That’s make me lucky too ;). She is a person who believes in herself more then anybody, who know what she want I in life and who is always ready to take any kind of risk to fulfill her dream. Once she starts talking there is no way you can stop her. She is the only person who understand my silence more then my words, and the only person I can believe blindly. Best part of her; give her a piece of cloth she will come out with a dress from that piece of cloth. I meant she will design, do the cutting even stitching that too with only her hand. Isn’t it amazing?
Bidya's Photo

Vasupradha chetty

How can I forget the first time I met her. I swear she will never forgive me for that. A dark beauty who know how to laugh, you know what I meant. When she laugh it’s seem like nobody in the world can be as happy as she is. A software engg by profession but a person who will only read about art and philosophy, maybe that’s why we get along very well. Best part about her is that she very dedicated to whatever she does, she may not like it but she will always give her 100% to it. She is one person who can get along with anybody and everybody. I friend for lifetime is what’s best describe her.
Vasu's Photo

I took the baton from

And I am passing on the Baton to the following

  • Minnie
  • Vasu
  • Arun Gokul
: )