Friday, March 06, 2009

So Call "Women's Day"

Another month, another year, has come again where everyone is talking about Women’s Day. I really don’t understand whats the big deal. It’s just another day, which have been hyped by the cards shop, flowers shop, gifts shop and now the publication too. “We are coming with Women’s days Special Edition”. Why everything has to be in one or the other way related with business or the market?

With all these business approach, the real sense of celebration is gone for a toss. I am not against any celebration of any day; I love it as much as I love my birthday. But my point is that …. The cards, the gifts, flowers etc etc are the only way to make your women feel special? Why do we need a Day to celebrate Women’s Day? Why can’t you make her feel special everyday? And by celebrating one day in a year with gifts is enough for her? Is that the only thing she want in life?

All she wants is Love and Support from her near and dears one.
Once she is born She is special for her parents.
Once she has a bother or sister She is special for her siblings.
Once she becomes a friend, she is special for being always there for her friends in need.
Once she falls in love with someone She is special for loving that someone more then herself.
Once she get married she is Special that She can leave her parents house and welcome her husband house as hers.
Once she become a mother she is Special for fighting with all the odd to give her child the best she can

For all this special qualities of her do you believe that celebrating one day in a year is enough?



Aflame!! said...

Thank God I read this before, else would have got good 'SHOUTHINGS' and 'BASHINGS' from u this sunday morning seeing my 'Yohoo happy woman's day' text ;)

Yea hny, In this male dominated society, There only 1 'SO CALLED' woman's day. hmmm.. On contrary seeing with a positive note, atleast we have 1 day dedicated :)

g-i-n-e-n said...
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Jyoti said...

Hey Ginen
Thank you :)

Indra said...

My name is Indra
Nice to meet u
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Bhargab said...

Hi there,
Just happened to see your blog and then, I am really touched by your blog on this Women's Day. I just want to conclude with one thing- "She" is the one and only reason why we all can see this beautiful life...because of "her" pain, we are here to feel the happiness.

I salute your writing.

Jyoti said...

Hi Bhargab

Thank you so much for the compliment.