Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GoldeN BonD

Born a little later than me
Been with me from the time I know myself
Childhood we shared seem just like yesterday
Everyday after school can’t wait to tell each other events of the day
We shared everything with each other including parents scolding
We even used to eat from same plate
He was the only friend I had that time

And one day he went to boarding school leaving me all alone
Those were days when I know how it feels to miss someone
I always knew he is important to me but when he was not there
I realise how incomplete my life was without him

Each vacation when he came home
I just want to spent time with him
And when he goes back I live with memories of moments we shared

Slowly slowly we grow up
There were days where he was lost in his own world
And days when he just talk and talk wanting to share everything with me
There were more and more people coming in my life as well as his
But the relation we share grew stronger with time

It’s you my dear brother
You are the one who has been with me in my happy days as well as not so happy days
The one who is always been with me when the whole world seemed against me
And you are the one who make me so proud of being a sister to a brother like you
I treasure and cherish our relationship
And Raksha Bhandan is just another way to say that you are very important to me
And I am so very happy that I have you as my little brother who always act like a elder brother to me