Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How important is to have someone special in my life

Life goes on with its ups and down. Sometimes a small thing make me smile to glory and sometime even a tiny thing bring tear in my eyes.

Life would have been the way it was… but..
But that one person's entry in my life gave a whole new meaning to my life. I am very romantic person and always believe in Love but never thought that this special person can change my entire world.

He came as a stranger, then a friend then a person whom I feel comfortable to share my feelings, like, dislikes. Then after that I start trusting him more than before and now he is someone who is very special for me.

It's easy to imagine what love is all about but when you actually fall for someone that's the time you realize how special the other person is.
Love is not a fairytale which I use to believe but it's not less then a fairy tale if you believe in the person you love.

The special person in my life is very special to me as he is my life itself.
I am a kind of person who can't just sit at home but now I don't care where I am as long as I am with him.

Every moment with him is moment to treasure.
It's not the place or not the gifts but it's the effort he put in for every small thing to keep me happy and smiling.

When you fall in love, it's the wish of other person which is more important to you rather then your own wish.
I thought I know so much about life and am quite mature to handle things but now I know what is life is all about.

Make your special one feel how special they are, the same they will make you feel.
They know that they are special but its equally important to show your emotion in action than just keeping quite.