Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Diwali

Its time again to celebrate the festival of Light. :)

No matter where you are, the spirit of the festival make you feel special.
The best part is that everyone is busy with one or other thing shopping, cleaning, rangoli, sweets, new dresses, crackers etc. all this are the soul of Diwali.



Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have been thinking about writing this post from one week. Actually it’s nothing special as such, but it was special to me.
I have been going out with friends for Birthday Parties, Friendships day, Valentines Day and all other days, which are meant to be special.

Even 27th Nov, was one such day Then what make it so special that I am writing this blog. It was my office Diwali Treat. My first ever office party. I heard lots of story about office trip and parties from my friends and seniors but never got chance to experience myself. Now even I can share my opinion.

We went to a place call ‘Forest CafĂ©’, a very nice place. But the best part was that it has a DJ playing all rocking number. As I love dancing what more could I ask for?
The food was good, I got to try different cuisine, and as long as Chinese cuisine is there I don’t have any complain. I had a blast.

Plus point was that I came to know more about my colleague in other department. Usually we are so caught up in our on department that there is not much interaction. So, these kinds of opportunity break the ice.

And to add Cherry on the cake it was my Director’s Birthday.
So it was a double celebration for me.