Saturday, January 27, 2007

This New Year ;; ))

On the very 1st day when everybody was celebrating New Year, I was busy shifting. But it’s ok as I like the new house more then the old one, so it does start with happy note. I know New Year come with a new beginning but this year its kind of different. The good part is that I am with my Bhaibheji who is more like a sister(touch wood).

Met someone for the first time on 2nd Jan 07. I never expected that it will turn out this way. Life is full of surprises (maybe this is one of it). Lets see which way this meeting lead to. I think a lot for every small to small things but sometime its better to stop thinking too much and ‘Just do it’ attitude is much more better.

Finally done with my Root Canal which I have been neglecting for past so many months. Going to Dentist is like my regular routine for this month. It hurts, but was not that bad. Everyone around me scares me so much that I keep on postponing again and again. Finally it’s done. Now I just have to go for my final check up.

Seen almost all the movies which were release, from ‘Bhagan Bhag’ to ‘Bable’ to ‘I See You’ to ‘Blood Diamond’ to ‘Guru’ to ‘The Covenant’. As it’s the beginning of the year I don’t have much work to do so end up watching all the possible movies. I like Blood Diamond and Guru the best. Now waiting for ‘Salaam e Ishq’

SHOPPING Wow!!! I can’t do without it. My life is not so complete without shopping. Bought dresses, chappals, bags, earrings and other stuff like curtain and all. My best Fren Bidya is the ultimate partner for shopping. It’s went to all the shop possible. Ya how can I forget my Bhaibhiji’s Saree. It’s really awesome.

Went to Shidhivinayak Temple. I have been dying to go there from the time I have landed here in Mumbai. I think it’s after one and half years that i got this opportunity. For going to any temple I believe that its in God's will, how much ever you try to go, if God doesn’t want to give Blessing you will never reach the temple. I have been waiting for this, from long time. Thank you dear God. Patience really pays.

Best one I clear in all my papers. I am So happy : ) I know how I prepare for this exam. I was stuck between work and coll. How much I was struggling at both the ends. On the last day of my Theory paper I lost my mobile phone. When I enter the examination hall my mind went blank still I manage to write some good answers.

Met my fren Pavi after one and half year. Feel so good. Happy that I have friends who are far from distance not from our friendship. We were not in touch for so so long time but when we meet it’s like the same old days. Talking, giggling blah blah blah.

Vasu is finally coming to Mumbai. She is one of my Best fren from Bangalore. Actually she was senior in the hostel. Now she is working in Pune. She have three days holiday. When we are together every moment is like celebration. So now is Me, Bidya (my school fren) and Vasu. Hope the society people won’t complain as we will be shouting and laughing all the time

Partying.Yeah!! From the beginning of the year I went clubbing every week
(Love dancing) Now it will be more exciting as Vasu is coming.

This year start with positive note. Or maybe, I become more mature with time as till now I don’t have any grudges, no bad feeling for people who hurt me who betrayed me. Or maybe I have decided to leave the negative feelings with last year. I can forgive all those who hurt me but I will never forget. All this help me become a better person. So it’s better to learn and go on in life. As I can’t do anything to change the Past but I can always plan for better Future.

To have someone who is always there for you is the best thing. Now I can also say that I have someone who is there for me in whatever I do. The one who try his best to make me smile all the time, help me in every possible way he can. Quality time with close ones and with all my best friends are the moments to be treasured. So this year start with all my near and dear ones by my side including new people in my life.

; )