Sunday, December 31, 2006

So call Friends...

Talking with a stranger, trying to be nice and sweet, trying to know each other a bit more.
The more I interact the more I came to know about the person. Before he/she was the one of the crowd but after knowing a bit, we are on the process of being ‘Friends’. I cannot call the other person as my Friend, as I have just known him/her for sometime and if tomorrow he/she doesn’t call or doesn’t have time for me or something happen to them. It won’t affect my life because emotionally I am not attached with the other person. Yes I will feel bad for sometime but life will go on as before.
So in this way the word 'Friend' come to its real meaning when we are truly attached with the person in there happiness as well his/her sadness.

Now mostly people use this word ‘Friend’ everywhere according to their convenience.
But those who know the meaning of Real Friendship will never make friend easily and once they count you as friend they will never let you down. They can do anything for a friend.

I am not saying that this in the only way. As sometime it take a lifetime to know a person and sometime even a moment spent with the person is more then enough to know the person. (Please don’t get me wrong, I am only talking about friendship not Love ...don’t mix up)

This is the kind of beginning for any kind of Friendship. And as usual all kind of early relationship is quite exciting and interesting. But with time I come to know about the person more and more that’s were I know how strong my relation with this person is.

I talk with so many people but that doesn’t mean that all are my friends.
I don’t have any rules and regulations stating how my Friends should be. Maybe it’s just the likes, dislike, nature, hobbies, etc. match so much that we have so much in common that we just can’t stop talking about all these.

Or maybe I just follow my heart as heart never lies…

; ))