Wednesday, May 10, 2006

6th May ;

My Specail Day...

The day when i wait and wait that everyone will call me.
But this time nothing much happen. But that does not meant that i dont had a good time. I love my birthday the way it happen.
Sometime you expect something and all of sudden something other happen which is not at all bad. I thought my day will be like this and like that but.. it was all diffrent.

Two of my Best Friends shifted my Birthday from 6th May to 1oth May.

And another one call up as soon as my Birthday end.

And my younger bother new rule... From now the person who is celebrating the birthday should send the gift. But this rule does not apply on his birthday.

My Dad, My Mom and my sis msg from the same cell phone to wish me by saying.."love mom" "love dad" "love sis".

One of my fren call up a day before as she thought that its on 5th. and forgot to call me on 6th.

I was waiting for my Brother to come before i cut the cake.. i wait and wait and wait. It was getting late and my fren has to go for work. As soon as i finish she rang the door bell.

I dont remeber what all happen more than this...

; )