Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Friend, I miss you lots..

Met one of my dearest friend after a long time.

She was my college friend, who came from Chennai. She is going to UK for further studies.

She came to Mumbai to meet us.

Took a day off from office but that one day was not enough, so on the second day also I took half day from office just to meet her again. I don't know when I will see her again, so didn't want to miss the chance at all.

She is one of the best friends of mine and a gem of a person; I am not saying this because she is my friend. It's so difficult to find a person like her. I guess I am lucky.
She is one person you can always depend on. She is always there for all her friends with that sweet smile of her, to hug you and to make you feel that no matter what, she is your best friend. She is always jolly, making everyone around laugh. Even if you are with her for the first time, she will make you feel as if she knows you for years. She has best collection of shoes which I envy. Her dressing sense will impress you. She can be a girl next door, a sexy lady and sometime just causal, crazy about shopping just like me.

From the time she left Mumbai we hardly call each other, still our friendship is so strong that even if we meet after six months everything seems the same. The way we use to talk, giggles, always confuse where to go for lunch then shopping. Update about each other.

When I left Bangalore for Mumbai I use to miss my friends so much and at that point of time I didn't had any friends in Mumbai.

Now I feel I am going through same phase again.
Everyone says good time never last long but good friends are forever.

Friendship is one such relationship which is so pure and makes life so beautiful.
She is one such friend who adds colors in my life making it a beautiful one.

I am going to miss her like hell.